Compliance & Certifications

is one of Pakistan’s largest denim makers and exporters. Our passion and 35 years of manufacturing expertise in denim and jeans now spans across Pakistan and Bangladesh.

All our policies and practices are built on international equivalents and well initiatives such as ILO conventions and the UN Guideline & Principles on Business and Human Rights.

In compliance with sustainable corporate and social responsibility practices, our company have been successfully evaluated by global well reputed buyer such INDITEX Group, Telley Weijle, OVS, Artasana, Mango etc. Besides these audits, our company has joined SEDEX and every year our compliance reports are published in the SEDEX portal.

Product Health Standard

Digital Apparel (Pvt) Ltd. has set and maintained strategies to ensure usage of materials which helps to make our product  free from all types of hazardous substances for human health and environment . We ensure  that goods processed in our company are compliant with buyers’ code of conduct pertaining to their product standard in compliance with REACH and EU regulation .

We have achieved Green Status in Product Safety audit (Ready To Manufacture ) by INDITEX .


Digital Apparel (Pvt) Ltd. is duly committed to protect environment and complying with the standards and requirement of the applicable local as well as international laws & legislation.

To ensure the safety of the environment, ETP – Effluent Treatment Plant, based on ZDHC code have been installed.

To reduce water and energy consumption, UP technology have been inducted in washing process.

Emission is being monitored strictly in accordance with NEQS legislation.

Compliance & Certifications