Founded in 1986, Digital Apparel (Pvt) Ltd. boasts a proud history of catering to European high fashion garment retailers. We strive for continuous improvement, offering cost-effective, high-fashion solutions that prioritize both innovation and environmental responsibility. Customer satisfaction is at the core of our mission, as we aim to deliver quality products while minimizing our ecological footprint.

Our philosophy

Our Mission

Upholding high-quality garment standards is our commitment, achieved through service excellence, technology, sustainability, empowerment, and teamwork.

Our Vision

We are dedicated on crafting sustainable garments of the highest quality to ensure utmost satisfaction for all our customers. Our goal is to be unparalleled in our commitment to excellence.

Our Strategy

Guiding our leadership with passion and energy, we are dedicated to venturing into new markets with unwavering commitment to our clients through continuous research and innovation.


Our company’s vision is to manufacture garments in the most efficient and sustainable way through innovation and automation.

In addition, we strive for continuous improvement; our main focus is to produce quality garments to utmost satisfaction for all our customers. We want to be second to none.